Dealing with temptation!

Hello everyone!🙂🙂 Hope you all are doing great by our God’s Grace!
Today we are going to learn about:”how to deal with temptations”👍

As humans, believers or unbelievers alike , we are ALL subject to various kinds of temptations.
This is because we are in a fallen world. We know that the devil was given access to the powers of ruling this world , as a result of Adam and Eve’s decision, according to the Book of Genesis. It was their act of disobedience that led to such devastating results, that not only they were affected, but all generations to come.

Before they commited the sin, they were tempted by satan, to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 3 clearly tells us all , that the one who mediates temptation is satan. The devil would use any tool to present temptation on a platter before us. Always remember my dear friends, it is not God who tempts us! Don’t ever think that it is God who is trying to tempt you with sin, to see how you would respond!!

I mentioned before that disobedience(An act of sin) , was the outcome of giving into temptation. We all are tempted by the desires of the flesh. We understand that every human is a spirit, having a soul and living in a body. And we do know that the spirit of an unbeliever is dead, but the spirit of the One who believes in Lord Jesus Christ is Alive, and is in harmony with God’s Spirit. This is what distinguishes us from unbelievers.

It is through the earthly desires in our souls, that the devil uses as a tool to tempt us, since our souls are not perfect. So I would like to put it this way, sinful desires 👉 weaknesses 👉temptation👉 sin

But we have no excuse to give into temptation, since the Bible does tell us clearly, that our flesh which has all the earthly and deadly desires(which operates through our souls )was crucified on the cross and that the Power of resurrection is in us through the Holy Spirit.

This means that we have the power to continually partner with the Holy Spirit by prayer and reading God’s Word and also using the authority given by God, to put to death continuously the desires of the flesh. And by doing this our souls are continually being renewed. This ought to be continued until God calls us Home.

2Corin 12:9 tells us that God’s Grace is sufficient for us, and that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.
So by partnering with God, we can put to death the earthly , sinful desires 👉 weakness turn to strengths gradually by Grace 👉 Actions pleasing to God👉This gives us life and peace!

So finally my dear friends, let us flee from the temptations!! Let us not give into it!! Fleeing from temptation will give freedom to our souls, since it kills the flesh!!

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God bless you all!! Partner with God, He will always help you!
God loves you all so much!😍😍

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